We gather your insurance information.

Think Quickbooks, but for your commercial insurance.

Whether you're a business owner looking to streamline your insurance process, or an agent looking to access our discount programs:

How do we help?

1. Centralize and store insurance information in the cloud

2. Move information between business and agent effortlessly

3. Access insurance discount programs via your agents

  • Traditional Work Comp Solution
  • 6% Filed Rate Discount for CTA Carrier Members
  • CTA Underwriter
  • CTA Indemnity Claim Adjuster
  • PEO Solution
  • 6% Filed Rate Discount for CTA Members
  • Transparent Rate Structure
  • Employment Practice Liability (EPLI)
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We are proud to be the CTA's endorsed partner to facilitate workers' compensation insurance discount programs.

Are you an insurance agent?


You can gain access to the programs by sending your submission to  submissions@accusure.com

Are you a business owner?

Enter your agent's contact information in the form below and we will send them what you need to get discounted.

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